The Amazing History of Saint Moritz and Its Culture
Saint Moritz is a chic city and it is known that it has more than three hundred sunshine days, even though it is known for its snowy landscapes. Nowadays, more than 5.500 thousand people live in Saint Moritz and a larger number is hosted in the hotels, chalets and to the resorts that it has. It is the second most popular destination for rich people and celebrities and it has one of the largest skiing centers in the world.

Saint Moritz is one of the most prestigious winter destinations in the world, but this does not mean that it will not be a special and unique experience for those, who want to visit it. Visiting Saint Moritz is once in a lifetime experience as it is able to combine everything that a place must have, in order to be loved by its visitors. It combines amazing landscapes, winter sports, nature, action and culture. Saint Moritz was the birthplace of famous artists, such as the painter Sergantini. Indeed, this is the reason why you will see that in Saint Moritz there is the Sergantini Museum that is able to take your breath away. The citizens of Saint Moritz are really friendly and hospitable and of you seek for their help you will be amazed at their offers and their willing to help you. Saint Moritz is definitely a historical place and when you visit it, you will be able to see that it has a lot of historical buildings that most of them are used as museums.

It is sure that Saint Moritz is a place with great history and culture that is able to enchant you. Do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity to visit Saint Moritz and it is absolutely sure that you will never regret it, for as long as you shall live.